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Transformer Business Group

Enabling an end-to-end approach towards power solutions isour Transformer Business Group. The group comprises power transformer leaders APEX and distribution transformer manufacturer Diamond Power Transformers Ltd (formerly Western Transformers).

APEX and Diamond Power Transformers had more than four decades of experience in the transformer industry before they became our subsidiaries. They have successfully manufactured and type tested transformers of ratings starting from 10KV to 315 MVA, up to 220KV class. Our Distribution Transformers Business can cater to over 50,000 Distribution Transformers.

The APEX EDGE: Footprints of a leader

  • APEX was the unchallenged brand leader in power transformers since 1967,  a market share of more than  33% in 220KV class
  • APEX transformers are used in 33 countries with more than 10,000 installations of power transformers of high ratings
  • APEX is undoubtedly one of the most experienced power transformer manufacturers in India
  • Over 500 type tests of several sizes done with laboratories all over the world
  • Four fully-integrated facilities in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh with in-house
    facilities for products such as Core Laminations, Wire Drawing, Strip Mill,
    Winding and even an in-house Transformer Oil Refinery
  • APEX testing facilities are now globally used by several labs and
    competitors to test their products. Our type testing facilities of up to 1000KV
    are installed with a view to cover anticipated increased needs of the future
  • R&D facilities certified by DSlR, Govt. of India and ISO 9002


Diamond Power Transformers Ltd. Is setting up a word class Dry Type Transformer Facility. Having supplied more than 50,000 distribution transformers, we are one of the best in the country.


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Transformer Business Group

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